The Story

1969. School founder commits suicide
Three school children went missing a year earlier. Malcolm Douglas, whose involvement in the disappearance of one of the students was confirmed by the police, died during his stay at a psychiatric hospital.

1976. Students go missing
Matthew Walker and Rose Whiteley lived in neighboring houses. On September 24, 1976 they were seen together heading towards the school. They never returned home. The school’s janitor discovered the bodies of the missing teenagers washed up on a beach half a kilometer away from the school building.

1984. Two more bodies found
A terrible event shocked the city - bodies of two unidentified children were discovered during a police raid. The entirety of the school's teaching staff is under suspicion. Law enforcers believe that a religious cult may be involved and a former member might have tipped them off.

2003. Battered by a natural disaster, Gravewood High reveals a terrible secret
Hurricane Cierra struck and severely damaged the school building, which as a result was closed for reconstruction. During repair work, a mass grave with the bodies of six hundred soldiers who served in the Civil War was discovered.

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