About the school

What could be worse than the idea of opening a school in a former prison building? Settling for a military fort where six hundred people died in the Civil War. Gravewood High operates in just such a building — formerly Fort Gravewood, which was founded in 1812.

During the Second World War a radio communication and interception point was established at this place. Four employees have died under mysterious circumstances. Newspapers published a hastily arranged story about a German sabotage group attack. Twenty two years later, the former fort was put up for an auction.

The building was acquired by an investor called Malcolm Douglas, who decided to open a private school. In 1969 he was confined in a psychiatric ward and later committed suicide while under investigation related to the disappearance of three schoolchildren.

Incidents kept occurring, new bodies kept appearing seemingly out of nowhere. Several members of the school staff were accused of performing satanic rituals. In 2000 there was another scandal — several students suffered during a chemistry class. And in 2003 a hurricane hit the school building. Bodies belonging to soldiers who served in the Civil War were found immured in its walls. 2016 — another hurricane hits the school premises an destroys the only road connecting it to a local town. Gravewood High is cut off from the rest of the world, several students are hospitalized. One goes missing.